Rachel Legrain-Trapani in shock after a frightening fall (VIDEO)

After the elimination of the Yoann Riou/Xavier Domergue duo the previous week, three pairs took the start yesterday evening of an intense race to grab one of the two places for the final of Beijing Express: shocking duos (M6). In each race, the last duo had to draw a black envelope that could be eliminator. … Read more

Jean-Marie Bigard on stage in duet with Dieudonné? He makes things clear

A news that agitates the Internet sphere. Dieudonné and Jean-Marie Bigard associated to perform during a tour called “Foutu pour Foutu”. The rumor hovered for a few hours with in particular posters bringing together the two comedians on the sidelines as part of this famous show. Dieudonné then took over his site to confirm the … Read more

“I will not remove a comma from this tribute” to Charlotte Valandrey

By Cécile Brelot Posted 3 hours ago, Update 1 hour ago Yann Moix in 2019. Reporters/ABACA In a now deleted message, some relatives of the actress had qualified the tribute published by the novelist in Paris Match of“shameless fabrication”. “I did not remove a word, a line, a semicolon, a comma from this tribute”swears Yann … Read more