Apple buoyed by better-than-expected quarterly iPhone sales

The computer giant has certainly seen its net profit fall by 10.5% to 19.4 billion dollars, but it emerged above analysts’ expectations. Apple on Thursday unveiled better-than-expected results for the April-June period, with sales still strong for its flagship product, the iPhone. The computer giant has certainly seen its net profit fall by 10.5% to … Read more

Moon Pits With Balmy Temperatures Could Shelter Astronauts

This depression in Mare Tranquillitatis is a roughly 328 foot (100 meter) wide pit in the Moon’s surface that remains at a comfortable 63 degrees Fahrenheit.Image: NASA/Goddard/Arizona State University Data from a NASA probe suggests lunar pits have comfortable temperatures due to their shadowy overhangs, which keep them cool during the day and prevent heat … Read more

Scientists Are Using Dead Spiders as Horrifying Claw Grabbers

We’ve likely all killed a spider or two in the past, but what if that arachnid’s corpse could be repurposed into something useful? Well, researchers at Rice University in Texas think it can and are pioneering the field of “necrobotics” by injecting dead spiders with air to use them to grasp small objects. When Rice … Read more

Scientists Create Necrobotics to Turn Dead Spiders into Undead Zombie Robots

If you think spiders are creepy when they’re alive, just wait until you see what they can do when they’re dead. A team of engineers at Rice University in Texas successfully reanimated dead spiders to serve as mechanical grippers. That’s right. In proof that we have permanently strayed from God’s light, the team published a … Read more