Earth Just Had Its Shortest Day on Record, Thanks to a ‘Wobble’

The Earth had its shortest ever day this summer, thanks to a wobble in its axis which meant it completed a single spin in a fraction of a second less than 24 hours. June 29 was 1.59 milliseconds shorter than 86,400 seconds, or exactly 24 hours, according to the website In recent decades the … Read more

New Study Offers a Surprising Timeline For Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction

A climate scientist at Tohoku University in Japan has run the numbers and does not think today’s mass extinction event will equal that of the previous five. At least not for many more centuries to come. On more than one occasion over the past 540 million years, Earth has lost most of its species in … Read more

An ‘Impossible’ Quasicrystal Was Created in The World’s First Nuclear Bomb Test

At 5:29 am on the morning of 16 July 1945, in the state of New Mexico, a dreadful slice of history was made. The dawn calm was torn as under the United States Army detonated a plutonium implosion device known as the Gadget – the world’s very first test of a nuclear bomb, known as … Read more

NASA Reveals Ambitious New Plan to Detect Signs of Life on Distant Planets

NASA’s Institute for Advanced Concepts is famous for supporting outlandish ideas in the astronomy and space exploration fields. Since being re-established in 2011, the institute has supported a wide variety of projects as part of its three-phase program. However, so far, only three projects have gone on to receive Phase III funding. And one of … Read more

The Mars Express Delivers Truly Epic Views of The Solar System’s Biggest Canyon

The biggest known canyon in the Solar System is getting the star treatment in new images from the European Space Agency’s Mars Express orbiter. As it whooshed by in Martian orbit, the spacecraft captured a pair of gouges in the planet’s surface that make up part of the Valles Marineris, a system of canyons known … Read more