Newly Fallen Space Junk in Australia Likely Belongs to SpaceX

The SpaceX Dragon Capsule carried four astronauts to the ISS in November 2020. Photo: NASA Pieces of debris found on Australian farmland are suspected of originating from a SpaceX mission that launched nearly two years ago. It seems likely that the parts belong to SpaceXaim the private space company has yet to own up to … Read more

Rocket Debris Fall On Sheep Farm In Australia, Loud Bang Heard By Locals: Report

Picture shows parts of space junk were found at a sheep farm in Australia. Days before pieces of what is believed to be a Chinese rocket fall on Earth, parts of space junk were found at a sheep farm in Australia. It is believed to be one of the pieces of a SpaceX rocket, according … Read more

SpaceX Breaks Own Annual Launch Record

A Falcon 9 rocket during a Starlink mission. Photo: SpaceX Elon Musk’s private space company broke its own record for most launches in a single calendar year—and 2022 isn’t even close to being over yet. The company completed its 32nd successful launch of the year, beating its 31 successful launches in 2021. Like it or … Read more

NASA Reveals Ambitious New Plan to Detect Signs of Life on Distant Planets

NASA’s Institute for Advanced Concepts is famous for supporting outlandish ideas in the astronomy and space exploration fields. Since being re-established in 2011, the institute has supported a wide variety of projects as part of its three-phase program. However, so far, only three projects have gone on to receive Phase III funding. And one of … Read more