Scientists baffled as Earth spins faster than usual

Scientists have been left baffled after discovering the Earth is spinning faster than normal—making days shorter than usual. New measurements by the UK’s National Physical Laboratory show that the Earth is spinning faster than it was half a century ago. On June 29, the Earth’s full rotation took 1.59 milliseconds less than 24 hours — … Read more

Scientists discover “first of its kind” triple star system

Scientists have discovered a special, massive triple star system like nothing they’ve seen before. Why it matters: By learning more about these types of star systems, astronomers are able to piece together a better idea of ​​how stars and planets form throughout the universe. What they found: The system consists of two stars orbiting one … Read more

China rocket crash map

CLEVELAND (WJW) — It’s unknown exactly when and where a Chinese booster rocket headed for Earth will crash down on Saturday, so a local astronomer has offered some insight on the chances that Ohio is in its path. Astronomer Jay Reynolds says that while the million dollar question is where it’s going to land, it’s … Read more

Meteorite Hunters Thought They Found the Origin of an Intense Fireball in Australia but They Were Dead Wrong

On Aug. 22, 2016, a fireball streaked across the sky over South Australia. A low, bright meteor. It was one of hundreds of space rocks that plunge through Earth’s atmosphere every year—and are big enough to survive the fiery descent. Earth is mostly water, so most meteors splash down into the middle of the ocean … Read more

A 22-ton Chinese rocket is falling back to Earth. Where will it land?

When you’re asked, “What’s up?” this weekend, here’s your answer: the Long March 5B, a roughly 44,000-pound rocket body that’s spiraling toward Earth. But scientists are unsure when and where this debris — from China’s launch this past Sunday of its Wentian space-station module—will land. The Aerospace Corporation did release its latest predicted paths for … Read more

China says closely tracking rocket debris hurtling towards Earth | Space News

Beijing says uncontrolled re-entry of rocket debris poses little risk to anyone on the ground. Remnants of a large Chinese rocket are expected to streak through the atmosphere this weekend in an uncontrolled re-entry that Beijing says it is closely tracking but poses little risk to anyone on Earth. The Long March 5B rocket blasted … Read more