Microsoft Teams and Plex Media Server Officially Optimized Apple Silicon

Microsoft had promised an Apple Silicon optimized version of Teams for the month of September: the publisher is ahead of schedule! The video-conferencing application will very soon be available for everyone in a universal version, the culmination of a development that had its first beta at the end of April. Currently, the download from the … Read more

Scientists baffled as Earth spins faster than usual

Scientists have been left baffled after discovering the Earth is spinning faster than normal—making days shorter than usual. New measurements by the UK’s National Physical Laboratory show that the Earth is spinning faster than it was half a century ago. On June 29, the Earth’s full rotation took 1.59 milliseconds less than 24 hours — … Read more

InventoryWatch monitors inventory at the local Apple Store

Getting your hands on certain Apple products in a specific configuration can sometimes be an obstacle course. Stocks are often thin during the launch period, especially since the pandemic has come to manhandle the production chains. The developer Worth Baker has created a tool that will save time for busy users living not far from … Read more

VMware Fusion in beta for Apple Silicon and Windows 11

VMware opens a public evaluation phase of its next version of Fusioncapable of exploiting Macs with M1/M2 processors and virtualizing Windows 11 on this platform as on Intel models. The VMware Fusion 22H2 Tech Preview simultaneously adds compatibility with Apple Silicon processors that Fusion 12 lacks and Windows 11 support on ARM/Intel. To this end, … Read more