iMessages: Google hands over a coin for Apple to adopt RCS

Google is launching a new campaign targeting Apple’s refusal to adopt RCS in Messages. This communication standard aims to supplant SMS and MMS by offering the same technical advantages as modern communication platforms.. Problem, Apple has never shown great interest in this system – at least publicly – or expressed the slightest intention to support … Read more

Apple Card: US authorities investigate Goldman Sachs credit card business

It’s not just the practices of the App Store that are of great interest to US authorities. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the federal agency responsible for protecting consumers in the financial industry, has launched an investigation into the credit card activity of Goldman Sachs. The details of this investigation, which scrutinizes account management … Read more

Friday night baseball: Apple TV+ broadcasts the matches in new countries, not yet in France

Friday Night Baseball, Apple TV+’s first foray into sports broadcasts, expands to new countries. France is still not invited to the party unfortunately, but we are getting closer: the service will indeed appear in Germany and Italy. Colombia and the Dominican Republic are also part of this international expansion. These live broadcasts of American Major … Read more

TikTok Music would have something to shake Spotify and Apple Music

Spotify and Apple Music must watch TikTok’s music initiatives with angst. The social network, which already threatens the hegemony of Facebook and Instagram, registered the trademark “TikTok Music” in the United States in early May, reports Business Insider. The brand had previously been registered in Australia last November without making waves. The Resso app. Registering … Read more

Maps: Nantes, Marseille, Bordeaux… Apple’s curious population figures

If we were to rely on Maps to compare the demography of French cities, then Marseille would be far less populated than Strasbourg and Nantes, while Valence would yield only a few thousand inhabitants.. It is a curiosity of the figures reassembled by Plans when looking for a city. Among the general information given are … Read more