Domino’s pizza leaves Italy in the face of resistance from traditional pizzerias

Domino’s pizza was no match for traditional Italian pizzerias. As revealed Bloomberg this Tuesday, August 9, the American company Domino’s Pizza will leave Italy. The last of Domino’s 29 stores in Italy has closed, seven years after the company launched in the country. Originally, 880 stores should have opened in Italy. The promise of the … Read more

Shunned by locals, Domino’s Pizza leaves Italy

Established in the country since 2015, the chain has not managed to compete with the country’s restaurateurs, who have multiplied agreements with delivery platforms. The last 29 Domino’s Pizza locations have closed, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday. Entering Italy in 2015 through a franchise agreement with ePizza Spa, the American chain planned at the time to … Read more

“Our daughter is in a vegetative state”, the overwhelming testimony of the parents of a victim

“It is one of the most terrible scandals of recent years”, says the lawyer who took on this case. Laetitia Lienhard Léna, 12, is “locked in her body» after eating a Buitoni pizza contaminated with E. coli. Stunned, his parents say they “lost [leur] daughter”. “She was near death. She is now locked in her … Read more

The best pizza in the world 2022 is a seafood pizza created by a Frenchwoman

Here are more precisely the secrets of the pizza “C’era une volta” to seduce: “bisque of sea urchin and lobster, scallops burned with a blowtorch, dried caviar, fleur de sel, prawns marinated in citrus fruits and flambéed with sake, marbles of mozzarella, ricotta cream, ricotta flower with saffron centre, squid ink tuiles, young pea shoots, … Read more

Huy: the traveling pizzeria “Mabelita pizza” will replace the Osteria

By Lucas Beauduin | Published on 1/08/2022 at 20:30 Wanze’s traveling pizzeria “Mabelita pizza” will soon become fixed. She is going to settle in Huy, where the Osteria used to be. ********** *** *** ******* ********** ******* ***** *** ** ********** ** ******* **** *** **** ***** **** ** ********* ** ** ***** *** ******** … Read more

Pizza, a great classic, adapted by Jean-Luc Gadreau

Pizza is both a simple and sophisticated dish, improvised with leftover bread dough and a few ingredients or made with a carefully studied dough, kneaded several days in advance with little yeast. Then begins a long fermentation, several days for some pizza makers! All these steps then make it possible to obtain a digestible pizza, … Read more

The best pizzeria in Europe stays in Paris

By Alice Bosio Posted on 05/13/2022 at 11:13, Update on 05/13/2022 at 11:49 The Neapolitan pizza of Giuseppe Cutraro, pizza maker who owns two addresses in Paris. Peppe Pizzeria Peppe, in the 20eby Neapolitan Giuseppe Cutraro, wins, for the second consecutive year, the ranking of the transalpine guide 50 Top Pizza outside La Botte. Bis … Read more

Here is the best ham and cheese pizza you can find in a supermarket

It is sometimes difficult to choose THE perfect pizza, especially in supermarkets. After the Buitoni Fraich’UP pizza scandal, contaminated with Escherichia coli bacteria, it seems important for many consumers to be even more vigilant. 60 million consumers carried out a survey in its May-June 2022 special issue entitled “Eating healthy, good and cheap”. One of … Read more

The best pizzeria in Europe is in Paris and it offers pizzas from 10 to 21 euros

This year again, the best pizzeria in Europe is French, and even Parisian! And it’s still thanks to chef Giuseppe Cutraro. His restaurant Peppe was re-elected this Thursday, May 12 “Best pizzeria in Europe 2022” in the prestigious Italian ranking 50 Top Pizza which makes its list of the best pizzerias on the continent every … Read more