Earth Completes Rotation In Less Than 24-Hours, Smashes Record Again For Shortest Day

The cause of the differing speed of Earth’s spin is still unknown. (Queue) On July 29, the Earth broke its record for the shortest day as it completed a full spin in 1.59 milliseconds less than its standard 24-hour rotation. According to the Independent, the planet recently has been increasing its speed. Back in 2020, … Read more

‘Shooting Star Saturday’ Will See Three Meteor Showers, Two Asteroids Whizz By And A 25-Ton Chinese Rocket Re-enter

Are you ready for “shooting star Saturday?” Getty Get your eyes to the night skies this weekend and you may see about 20 “shooting stars” from three streams of meteors caused by our planet surging through the leftovers of three separate comets. The key time for that is Saturday evening—just before midnight through until two … Read more

Moon Pits With Balmy Temperatures Could Shelter Astronauts

This depression in Mare Tranquillitatis is a roughly 328 foot (100 meter) wide pit in the Moon’s surface that remains at a comfortable 63 degrees Fahrenheit.Image: NASA/Goddard/Arizona State University Data from a NASA probe suggests lunar pits have comfortable temperatures due to their shadowy overhangs, which keep them cool during the day and prevent heat … Read more