Bright Green Meteors Seem to Be Raining Down on New Zealand, But Why?

New Zealand may seem to be under meteor bombardment at the moment. After a huge meteor exploded above the sea near Wellington on July 7, creating a sonic boom that could be heard across the bottom of the South Island, a smaller fireball was captured two weeks later above Canterbury. Fireballs Aotearoa, a collaboration between … Read more

Spectacular Video Shows Massive Fireball Lighting Up Night Sky Over US

This fireball was a “random occurrence” and not associated with any meteor shower. A spectacular fireball on Friday was spotted zooming over several US states, including Indiana and Wisconsin. The American Meteor Society (AMS) shared a video of the sighting and said that it received around 150 reports of the fireball. as per Newsweek, Robert … Read more

A mysterious bright light was seen streaking across the sky overnight, but what was it?🌠

HOUSTON – Our dark sky was lit up overnight with what appeared to be a bright light streaking across the night sky. People throughout Texas up into Indiana reported seeing this streak of light– a suspected fireball. If you were up late Sunday night, you might have seen one streaking across the sky. Video was … Read more