Taco Bell Already Run Out Of Mexican Pizza – Here’s When It’s Coming Back

When Taco Bell YUM,
brought back its “Mexican pizza” in May after a two-year absence, fans rejoiced. But now it looks like those hungry for that mashup menu item are out of luck once again.

Two months later, Mexican Pizza is now generally not found in the chain’s restaurants. Taco Bell acknowledged the issue on its website, saying it was overwhelmed by the sudden demand for the viral article that sandwiched seasoned beef and refried beans between two fried tortillas, with cheese, gravy and diced tomatoes placed on the top tortilla to look like a pizza. .

“Our restaurant teams trained for weeks for what we knew would be a big comeback. We just didn’t realize how much,” the channel said, noting that “one fan’s order included 180 Mexican pizzas.” In total, Taco Bell said demand was seven times higher than when its Mexican pizza last appeared on its menu.

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The plan now is for the item to make a comeback — or rather, a comeback — by this fall, Taco Bell said on its website: “We are working diligently with our restaurants and suppliers to put more in the hands of and stomachs of our biggest fans. (Taco Bell did not immediately respond to a request from CNET for additional comment.)

Needless to say, Taco Bell fans are looking forward to the day when they can order the Mexican pizza again.

“So we’re just gonna let Taco Bell get away with teasing us bringing the mexican pizza back for 2.5 seconds and then back? » tweeted another.

Some Taco Bell fans think the shortage is just a marketing ploy — in fact, a way for the chain to generate a second round of buzz for the menu item. And a few consumers have linked the disappearance of Mexican pizza from menus to the discontinuation of Choco Taco by Klondike (which was also briefly sold at Taco Bell earlier this year.)

Stephen Zagor, a New York-based restaurant consultant who teaches at Columbia University’s business school, said the marketing ploy theory is a distinct possibility, noting that companies often use the scarcity tactic. to create a request.

“It’s a no-loss marketing campaign” for Taco Bell, he said.

But Mark Kalinowski, a veteran fast-food chain analyst, said he thought Taco Bell was really caught off guard. He likens the situation to what happened when Popeyes’ chicken sandwich became a sensation in 2019 and the chain couldn’t keep up with demand.

“I haven’t seen any evidence that this was all a grand scheme,” Kalinowski said of the Taco Bell situation. He added that the chain apparently uses a unique tortilla-style base to make the pizza, which means it can’t just create the item using another product, such as a burrito wrapper, that it might already have in stock.

Taco Bell has also answered this question directly on its Mexican Pizza FAQ. “No,” he wrote in response to the question, “Was this all planned?” Was it a limited time offer? »

However, not all Taco Bell fans really see it that way.

Kalinowski said it was natural that Mexican pizza took off. It’s an item tailor-made for Taco Bell’s youth-focused market, which tends to be zealous by nature. “It’s a very passionate fanbase,” he said.

Indeed, this base rallied around the return of Mexican pizza as soon as it was taken off the menu in 2020. Among the most vocal of these fans was artist Doja Cat, who earned credit for having convinced the channel to reconsider its decision. Doja Cat has since signed with Taco Bell to promote the brand.

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