Switzerland: Apple very present this year to improve map data and photos

While Apple Maps finally offers its equivalent of Google Street View in much of Europe (including France and Monaco very recently), Switzerland is also on the list.

As Marc (who wins 1 month VIP) tells us, Geneva is currently targeted by Apple teams:

After an exchange with one of the drivers, 5 Apple Maps cars registered in Germany are currently in Geneva to map the city and its surroundings and enrich the data collected to date and the latest readings carried out last year. The teams in question were in German-speaking Switzerland the previous months to criss-cross cities such as Zurich, Saint-Gall, Bern as well as Lausanne, Friborg or Neuch√Ętel for the French-speaking part of Switzerland. The Apple Maps “Car” will stay around a week in Geneva to finalize their data collection mission.

Note that this work also allows improve the quality of maps, 3D buildings and to offer a much more complete user experience than currently. Apple’s image quality is also far superior to Google’s on shots.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you also have more information on the deployment of the teams!

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