Stephanie of Monaco: Her daughter Camille Gottlieb “seriously tanned” in a swimsuit, with Pauline and Louis Ducruet

The holidays got off to a good start for the Monaco family, especially for the children of Stéphanie de Monaco. It is the pretty and youngest of the Camille Gottlieb clan, daughter of Raymond Gottlieb, who revealed some images a day boat between brother and sisters. Indeed, Pauline and Louis, fruits of the love of the princess with Daniel Ducruet, were in the game. The complicity between the siblings was palpable and Camille Gottlieb shared her happiness in the face of her tan.

I seriously tanned, she wrote in the story, proud to reveal the result of her day on a boat, showing part of her thigh. Prince Albert’s niece also posted a selfie, showing itself unvarnished and already revealing some pretty colors. But if her tan delights her, Camille Gottlieb was especially very happy to be able to take advantage of hers. “I love it“, wrote the young woman who celebrated her 24th birthday on July 15, in the comments of a photo of her brother Louis, of whom she is so complicit.

Pauline and Louis, two “stars”

Camille Gottlieb is also just as close to her sister Pauline Ducruet. And the young designer was also present for this crazy day. “These two are too stars“, had fun the youngest daughter of Stéphanie of Monaco by sharing a snapshot of his brother and sister, posing, on the boat. Before being able to bask in the sun and polish their tan, the children of the princess have chained social events.

Thus, recently, Camille Gottlieb, very thin, gave a hand to her mother for an evening for the benefit of the association Fight Aids Monaco, founded in 2004 by the princess and sister of Albert of Monaco. The young woman of 24 years was very invested in this event, where she also found Louis and Pauline. Engaged in many fights from a young age, the second daughter of Princess Stephanie participated in the animation and grabbed the microphone more than once. The worthy heiress of his mother.

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