Sound problems appear

After widespread webcam quality issues, the expensive Apple Studio Display is now experiencing issues with its vaunted sound system. Apple once again refuses to replace the affected models and promises a solution in the future software update.

The problem, which has been widely documented, affects the sound coming from the screen when connected to a Mac. Users reported that the sound is choppy and choppy. According to a service memo, the Apple brand has acknowledged that the problem is related to the software and suggests that a future iOS update will fix the problem (the Studio Display works with a version of iOS).

On his site, Apple touts the Studio Display’s sound system as one of its best features, writing: “Four force-cancelling woofers produce bold, articulate bass and minimize distortion. And two high-performance tweeters deliver precise mids and crisp highs. Overall, this is the most high-fidelity speaker system ever for Mac.

At this time, Apple recommends affected users unplug the Power Studio Displayunplug everything connected to it, wait 10 seconds, then reconnect the monitor to power and peripherals. Most users reported using this workaround with success, although the problem inevitably reappears.

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Apple’s Studio Display has had many issues since its launch in March. The company released a software update in May to address issues affecting the webcam, but some users didn’t see much of a difference. Previously, Apple accidentally removed an iOS update which was causing some users to get error messages when updating their StudioDisplay.

Apple hasn’t released beta updates to iOS 15 since iOS 15.6 arrived last month, so it’s likely the issue won’t be fixed in an emergency release or iOS 16 in September. .

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