Sophie Marceau as a couple: new revelations about her “delicious” man and “many female successes”

Sophie Marceau lives a nice story with a discreet man, a theater producer, an uncomplicated but still passionate romance. The 55-year-old actress would even consider to settle in Marseille with Richard Caillatin his “magnificent house overlooking the sea, perched on the heights of the Phocaean city, and freshly renovated“by the latter, specify our colleagues from Galathis Thursday, August 4, 2022. A river article that allows you to learn more about the companion of the star of The party.

He is often described as “a delicious, delicate, easy-to-contact man“, we learn. A press officer says more about Richard Caillat, who has made Sophie Marceau’s heart vibrate since their meeting during the first confinement. “He punctuates his text messages with ‘kisses’, everyone appreciates and respects him. It’s rare…“, she made it known about her. We lend her to “many female successes“, but he is not the type to expose his conquests. And it is by his side that she could well move to the South, leaving Paris while keeping her apartment.

They have found “a fair balance”

A new idyll of Sophie Marceau, which we officially discovered last year. The first times she met Richard, a 57-year-old OM fan and passionate businessman, she only greeted him politely, writes Gala. But after three professional appointments with this man who made his fortune with a listed group, HighCo, before expanding his activities with the management of performance halls, the attraction is felt. The story then takes on a romantic air.

With his companion, they look alike. He and Sophie Marceau prefer to stay away from trendy parties, according to a relative. Another adds about the mother of two children – her son Vincent, the fruit of her love affair with Andrzej Żuławski –, and Juliette, the daughter she had with Jim Lemley, and Richard Caillat: “Between them, there is no competition. Richard is not a man to want to show off. They have found the right balance.“If their love life seems to be taking its course, Richard Caillat could also have professional projects for his other half since he offered to get back on the boards.

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