Since the Buitoni scandal, pizza sales have plummeted

Since February, Public Health France has identified 56 cases of poisoning with E.coli bacteria. All relate to frozen pizzas of the Buitoni brand. Of the 56 poisoned, 55 are children, two died and others have serious consequences. This scandal had a direct effect on the sales of frozen pizzas in supermarkets, which fell 34.2% in just four months.

Although the batch of pizzas contaminated with E.coli bacteria was removed from the shelves, French consumers consumed less Buitoni pizza. The turnover generated by the sales of frozen pizzas has fallen, according to data transmitted by Nielsen to BFM Business. But fresh pizzas, which were not affected by the contamination, also suffered from the scandal. They fell by 9.4%.

An inspection at the end of March at the Caudry factory, where Buitoni pizzas were produced, revealed serious breaches of hygiene rules. As BFM Business reminds us, “more than 70 families are waiting to be heard by the courts”.

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