Simon Castaldi unfaithful to Adixia: video proof, revolted internet users

For a year now, Simon Castaldi flourishes alongsideAdixiawhom he met on the set of the last season of Marseille VS The Rest of the World. A rather ideal reciprocal crush since at the time the two candidates suffered from seeing their respective exes, Giuseppa and Paga, get together. And if their relationship started with a lot of lightness and without much commitment, Simon and Adixia did end up falling in love with each other. Everything then went very quickly between them and, a few months later, they moved in together in the South of France.

But now the youngest son of Benjamin Castaldi has just put their happiness at risk by showing infidelity. By participating in the reality TV show The Rest of the World: Romance in Ibiza (currently being broadcast on W9), it has indeed strongly close to another candidate, namely Virginie Conte (recently seen in The Apprentice Adventurers). And the two candidates ended up kissing in the unpublished episode of Tuesday July 26 following a game of darts. If it was a brief kiss, it was enough to stir up the whole villa. “He ate her mouth“, commented Alan in particular.

According to the images, Simon feels remorse almost immediately while Virginie takes full responsibility. “I am weak, I can’t resist. Even if Simon gives me kisses on bets, well, I make them, I take them. I tell myself that it’s not for me to say stop, cIs he the one who is in a relationship, I still try to put up barriers but I have the impression that in fact he and I, we can’t deny our attraction“, she judged.

For Internet users, however, their behavior is not at all unanimous. “Total lack of respect from Simon and Virginie“, “Simon is just disgusting, putting you in competition with a guy for a girl when you’re in a relationship“, is annoyed on Twitter.

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