Shy’m separated from a famous sportsman: difficult breakup, he has not forgotten her!

While he has just separated from his partner Julie Bertin, tennis player Benoît Paire was once in a relationship with Shy’m, the 36-year-old singer who is notably to be found this Saturday July 30, 2022 on TF1 in a new issue of the ’emission Game of Talents. Their story will not have lasted in the end, since in January 2019 the sportsman officially announced his separation with the interpreter of So what in a long interview with the magazine Society, although their relationship had been on the wane for quite some time. I’m all alone“, he had then affirmed.

A year and a half later, in the preface of the book Out! – Crazy and quirky stories: tennis like you’ve never seen it before of the journalist of The Team Quentin Moynet, he decided to confide in his end of story with Shy’m, who was particularly difficult for him to manage. “The breakup destroyed me, I was still in love. I missed her a lot“, confides the sportsman known for his many blood strokes. “To be honest, I still miss her. I had never been so in love. Three years later, I’m still able to talk about her with emotion.“, he confessed, in all transparency.

“I was thinking of her while playing”

This separation was so hard for him that it had an impact on his athletic performance. I couldn’t be alone. I missed some games because I missed my ex so much, I was thinking about her while playing“. Fortunately, he was supported in this difficult stage.My buddy was there to put me in my place. I needed to talk to him, to tell him what was on my mind. My head was elsewhere“, he had explained before revealing that he had tried a reconciliation with the star, in vain. I wanted to try again with her, to give my all, but it was not possible. So I bought a notebook to draw“, he had said.

Since breaking up with Shy’m, he has gotten closer to several women, including a famous influencer, before starting a serious relationship last year with reality TV candidate Julie Bertin. But the latter decided to leave the tennis player only a few days ago, convinced of having been betrayed. It is therefore a heart to take.

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