She flees a restaurant without paying: 10 years later, she sends an unexpected letter to the owner!

It was two years ago that a restaurant called Le Bosphore received a less surprising letter. And in addition to this letter which moved the owner, there was something else in the envelope. Indeed, he was able to discover a note of 50 euros there. This story was reported by the daily L’Alsace. We tell you everything here.

A difficult time

In 2010, a mother wanted to please her children. But the latter had four children in her care. She didn’t have a lot of means, but wanted to please her children. So, after ordering five mealsthe mother of the family had no choice but to leave without paying Restaurant.

The owner hasn’t come after him either, but still five meals is a number. However, ten years after this event, the owner had a funny surprise. Indeed, he receives a letter at his restaurant. In fact, the letter does not seem signed the correct name of the young woman who left without paying, she preferred to remain anonymous. But when the manager took the letter out of the envelope, a 50 euro note also fell. So he seemed very surprised when he saw that. And moreover, the letter was particularly touching.

In this letter intended for the owner of the restaurant, we can read these few words “Hello Mr. Boss of the Bosphorus. I give you this letter with 50 € to return your money. In 2010, I had eaten with my four children. I had just come out of a divorce, the situation was desperate and I am left without paying. I remembered this story recently. I hope you will forgive me for this. May Allah grant you success in your life […] Excuse me, I sincerely regret”.

Source: Capture Facebook Le Bosphore Mulhouse

Redemption facing the restaurant

This letter addressed to the restaurant was thus written by the mother of the family who ten years earlier had not been able to pay her bill. But ten years after the fact, she decided to repay what she owed. But, ten years ago the owner was the father of Guney Cokkaya who at the time was only 13 years old. Thus, the new boss decides to go see his father. He tells her and shows her the letter asking if he remembered such a story at the restaurant.

The young man says that his father does not remember him “He doesn’t remember. But it must be said that, like everyone in the restaurant business, we see all the colors”. But he also adds that “We therefore do not know if this mother had “fled” with her children without saying anything or if she had explained that she could not afford to pay”.

The owner of the restaurant had decided to post the photo of the letter and the 50 euro note, and soon the publication went viral. Although the mother of the family has not yet identified herself, the restaurant owner does not hold it against her at all. It is ultimately a story that ends well !

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