Sharing and originality on the menu of “Pasta Pasta Pasta” by Simone Zanoni and Marmiton

scullion reveals “Pasta Pasta Pasta” at Editions Michel Lafon in collaboration with Simone Zanoni. From the great classics of Italian cuisine to more elaborate dishes, the starred chef reveals 70 pasta recipes over the 192 pages of the book.
Spaghetti all’amatriciana, Ravioli ossobuco, Strozza preti with green asparagus or even Paccheri alla Norma, Simone Zanoni is inspired recipes of Marmiton’s most popular Italian pastas. Sharing, conviviality and originality are the key words of the dishes presented throughout the book. Bonus, Techniques are unveiled to allow cooks, beginners as confirmedto easily reproduce step-by-step recipes.
I am delighted to participate with Marmiton in this new book dedicated to Italian cuisine that rocked my childhood. Today, I want to transmit the taste of good products and the values ​​of sharing, simplicity and conviviality so dear to my heart. Essential in Italian culture, pasta is the very illustration of this: it doesn’t take much to sublimate the most classic recipes and create great dishes! », explains Simone Zanoni.
“Pasta Pasta Pasta” will be on sale from next May 25 at a price of €18.95.

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