Semiconductor expert leaves Apple to join Samsung

There is movement in the “processor” team ofApple. According to Business Korea, a semiconductor expert, Kim Woo Pyeongleft Apple to join competitor Samsung. Kim Woo-Pyeong had worked at Apple since 2014 and his departure from Qualcomm. The expert engineer had started his career at Texas Instruments (there are worse like CV…). Business Korea does not specify the exact (former) attributions of Woo-Pyeong within the team Directed by Johnny Sroujibut the function of the person concerned went beyond the simple status of “executing” engineer.

Within Samsung, Kim Woo-Pyeong will serve as director of a new Samsung center for “packaging solutions”. Here again, details are lacking concerning the exact missions of this position of responsibility. The departures of thinking heads are not uncommon among GAFA, and very often, the arrivals largely compensate for the “losses”.

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