Second assault on an Apple Store in less than 24 hours

While the Apple Store in Strasbourg is just beginning to recover from a burglary that occurred overnight from Saturday to Sunday, here is a second store of the Californian brand in Europe was also attacked at the end of the week. His address of Covent Gardenin the heart of the historic districts of London, was indeed the victim of a major theft which occurred yesterday around one o’clock.

Thieves entered the store by stealing not only Apple devices on display such as iPhones and iPads but also property belonging to customers, as reported by the DailyMail. A physical confrontation between the criminals and a victim may have erupted as a result, however the latter quickly fled as this video recording shows:

No follow-up at the moment

Unfortunately for Apple, there is no indication that the suspects have been apprehended at this time. An investigation is however underway according to the seller, who claims to collaborate with the authorities. The total value of the loot is also unknown, but one of the thieves appears to be fleeing with a full backpack, which could therefore potentially contain thousands of euros of electronic equipment.

During their escape, the culprits, masked, separated by running, which perhaps allowed them to escape the Metropolitan Police called in as reinforcements. A security guard tried to prosecute the offenders but apparently without success. In this kind of case, it is not uncommon for certain accomplices to join in the chase in order to create a diversion.

The police want to be reassuring

Although the assailants were armed, according to the police they ultimately did not injured person. To identify them, the justice system may try to rely on video surveillance images since the British capital has hundreds of them, especially in the city center. The loot, meanwhile, should probably end up on the black market after some unlocking software manipulations. On the darknet, an iPhone can be resold up to two times cheaper than in the Apple Store, the price varying in particular according to its state and the country. – Official App

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