Seashore open-source image editor now supports Apple Silicon chips

The open source Seashore image editor recently upgraded to version 3.0, a big update that allows it to be enriched with several new features. The first version of the program was released in 2003, and after a long period of no follow-up, a developer got to work making Seashore run on modern versions of macOS. This program based on the GIMP engine is available on the App Store: it seeks to be a retouching software offering the essential functions without bothering with too advanced options.

The big news is native support for Apple Silicon chips. A complete code rewrite in many aspects promises to deliver a more stable experience. An option allows for example to limit the use of RAM for older machines.

Aside from that, the user interface has been revamped to work more easily with effects, while the tools have been moved to a bar on the right. The text tool has been made more accessible, and images can now be dragged and dropped. Tone curves and color levels are introduced, along with other options to make life easier for users.

Seashore works with Macs running OS X Mavericks and up to Ventura. It is possible to donate €6 to the developer to thank him and remove a non-intrusive banner.


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