Search apartment or house – “Stop heating it”, “In 2 minutes, it will roll a shovel”: Internet users suspect Stéphane Plaza and a buyer of flirting

Internet users suspect Stéphane Plaza and a buyer of flirting together

In “Search apartment or house”, this Thursday, July 28, viewers were hilarious at the relationship between Stéphane and Vincenzo, a participant in the show looking for an apartment. They suspected the two men of hitting on each other.

Favorite in “Search apartment or house”? This Thursday, July 28, on M6, Stéphane Plaza was looking for an apartment to buy in Paris for Vincenzo, an Italian who fell in love with Paris and works as a hairdresser at the Comédie Française. The 54-year-old man would like to find an apartment in the capital, between the 11th, 12th, 19th and 20th arrondissement and for a maximum budget of 350,000 euros. Only a few requirements: having a bed separated from a living room and an elevator. Indeed, currently, the Sicilian lives in a small studio in the 19th arrondissement, with a sofa bed and a very small surface.

But what Internet users have remembered is not necessarily the atypical profile of this fifty-year-old bachelor, but rather the relationship that is created between Stéphane Plaza and him. The two men seem to be flirting and the tweeters noticed it. “You’re a plant among plants”, “We’re going to scrub” or “I’m coming too” speaking of the shower: Stéphane continues the flirty remarks. If these scenes make some people laugh, others find it embarrassing.

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