Sandra Lou atomized by Olivier Siroux (The Bachelor), her cash secrets

Iconic show broadcast in 2003, Bachelor, the bachelor gentleman featured Olivier Siroux, an attractive young entrepreneur looking for love. Among his many contenders, Sandra Lou and Alexandra had managed to charm the beautiful blond to the point of coming face-to-face in the semi-final. Unfortunately for the performer of the title banana splitit was Alexandra who had received the ultimate rose, a pledge of her victory.

In tears and feeling totally betrayed, Sandra Lou had collapsed in the arms of the bachelor. Interviewed by Star TV, he now confides that he did not believe more than that in the sincerity of the pretty redhead. “Maybe it was to get noticed, to make a buzz like we weren’t talking about at the time” he confessed, visibly feeling no empathy for his former reality TV candidate.

A little bitter vis-à-vis her elimination, the young woman had given another version in the show 20 years of reality TV on TMC. According to her, he was the one who had simply not been honest with his suitors. “Objectively, with hindsight, we all understood that Olivier had a soft spot for Alexandra. But he left the door open. The teams of journalists are also there to put you back on the right track. That is to say, as soon as you raise doubts, they will say: ‘Ah no, no, but he told us that he liked you. But you understand, he can’t show it to you too much otherwise the game is over’, and I believed all that“, she had explained.

After having failed Sandra Lou, it is therefore in the arms of Alexandra that Olivier Siroux had shared a love story. A romance that only lasted a year. “We weren’t made for each other. However, I had a real crush. She too, I believe, but in front of the cameras, the emotions are amplified“, he revealed before adding: “Love at first sight doesn’t mean love will be forever“.

Now in a relationship with Aurélia for already twelve years with his wife, the former Bachelor had three children: Andréas, 11 years old, Raphaël, 8 years old and Jenna, 2 years old.

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