Samsung poaches a semiconductor specialist from Apple

Samsung recently recruited a semiconductor specialist who had worked for Apple for eight years. Kim Woo-pyeong has just taken over as head of the Korean manufacturer’s Packaging Solution Center, a new unit tasked with improving systems-on-a-chip, reports the BusinessKorea.

Celebrating the first 3nm chips from Samsung Foundry. Samsung picture

The Korean newspaper points out that poaching of this rank is rare between Apple and Samsung, the two companies being both competitors but also partners in certain areas. the BusinessKorea goes all the way back to 2012, when Samsung recruited Siri designer Luc Julia to come up with such a massive transfer. Meanwhile, Samsung has still added the services of one of the architects of the Apple Store, among others.

Samsung is involved in semiconductors both at the level of their design with its in-house Exynos chips and at the level of their manufacture with its foundries. The Korean giant has moreover just announced its first delivery of 3 nm engraved chips, outstripping market leader TSMC by a few months.


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