Safari would no longer be the only option available

The iOS 16 interface would allow Apple Pay to work on third-party browsers like Chrome, Safari or Edge. A way to leave a little more room for competition and avoid future trouble perhaps.

Apple Pay // Source: CardMapr on Unsplash

As you know, Apple has a slight tendency to limit certain features as soon as you leave its ecosystem. Apple Pay attests to this. For the moment, the Cupertino company’s payment application only works with Safari, Apple’s home browser. According to journalist Steve Moser of MacRumorsthis should change in iOS 16.

Registered on the beta of iOS 16, the journalist affirms on his twitter account having seen Apple Pay work on Chrome and Edge. With a screenshot, it seems quite plausible. He even suggests that all “third-party” browsers could be supported on the iPhone.

As pointed out The Vergea July 2 post on Reddit reported that Apple Pay works on Firefox.

macOS not affected

On the other hand, still according to his observations, macOS does not seem concerned by this novelty. The editor provides a beginning of explanation. Third-party browsers on iOS all use Safari’s rendering engine while they don’t have to on macOS. The novelty could therefore never be found on Apple PCs.

The Verge offers an explanation for this novelty: in March 2022, Europe adopted a directive aimed at combating the anti-competitive practices of Tech giants. This Digital Markets Act should begin to apply in the spring of 2023 and in particular requires the giants to leave more room for competition on their platforms.

As a reminder, iOS 16 should be deployed for the general public around the fall of 2022. A beta is already available for those in a hurry.

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