Saber and Franck will run for the national pizza title “a due” with a typical Nîmes recipe

It’s their first participation but they have references and they’re going there to win. Strengthened by their friendship, they will present the Nemausus pizza.

Saber Romdani and Franck Gamard have known each other for more than twelve years. Both work in the restaurant business, but not together. The first is the boss of My Pizza, rue Dhuoda in Nîmes since June 2020. But before that, he managed another similar sign, in the same street.

Franck Gamard has just spent six years alongside Vincent Croizat at Mas Merlet. He is now the chef of La Belle Vie in Saint-Hilaire-d’Ozilhan where he is developing the new menu. “During the confinement, I took a pizzaiolo traininghe says. I have an oven at home and it amuses me to prepare some from time to time. And, who knows, if one day I want to change: it’s one more string to my bow.

March 30 and 31

Their friendship prompted Saber and Franck to register for the French pizza championship, but in the “a due” category, that is to say two, as a duo. The event takes place in Paris on March 30 and 31.

“We go there to win, points out Saber. We know that the level is high. But we also know our value. And we’ve been preparing for a month.”

The two friends have developed a typical Nîmes recipe, the Nemausus pizza, with beef, tapenade and liquorice. “Even the meat is in season”, insists Saber. Franck, for his part, specifies that the meat will be prepared “in tataki, a marinade made with soy and spices”. We will not know more for the moment.

20 minutes on competition day

They also know that they will only have 20 minutes on the day of the contest. Also, Saber trains to pre-cook the dough while Franck takes care of preparing the meat. Then together, they prepare the final product before presenting it.

They are bound to learn from this experience. But there is no doubt that the national title would give new impetus to their careers. Also, our wishes accompany them in this beautiful adventure.

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