“Put up our beautiful sign on the Place de la Bastille in Paris, it’s a lot of pride”, Nico Palea (La Pizza de Nico)

On June 8, Nico’s Pizza opened its first establishment in Parisin the heart of the historic district of Bastille. This first establishment in the capital marks a new stage in the development of the Alsatian brand which intends to take advantage of this beautiful showcase to gain visibility and further accentuate its development. Meeting with its founder, Nico Paleainterviewed on the occasion of the inauguration of this new Parisian point of sale.


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“Put up our beautiful sign on Place de la Bastille in Paris, it’s a lot of pride”, says the founder of La Pizza de Nico. This Parisian opening is in fact the culmination of more than 20 years of development, first on its own then, since 2008, in a partnership network which currently brings together 35 restaurants.

A look back at the La Pizza de Nico success story

The story of La Pizza de Nico begins in 2000, with the opening of a first establishment in Bischwiller, in Alsace. Focusing on top quality products while maintaining excellent value for money, Nico Palea ahead of the fast casual trend. This positioning allows him to meet a rapid success. To meet demand, the entrepreneur is expanding this first restaurant in Bischwiller before opening two others in the north of the department. Its success inevitably arouses interest.

He is then approached by people around him who ask him to be accompanied in their project ofopen a pizzeria modeled after La Pizza de Nico. La Pizza de Nico thus opened up to independent entrepreneurs in 2008 then, in 2010, was accompanied by the IREF to model an even more supervised, more operational and efficient concept. During the decade 2010-2020, the development of the network thus takes on a new dimension. In 2020, as it celebrates its 20th anniversary, the La Pizza de Nico brand is represented by more than thirty restaurants, mainly located in the Grand Est, the cradle of the concept.

Exponential development

Today, the network is working to extend its influence to the whole territory with openings in the largest cities in the four corners of France. To support this expansion, La Pizza de Nico is looking for entrepreneurs sharing its values ​​and its vision of pleasurable and responsible food, with or without restaurant experience. And Nico Palea, as an entrepreneur, also continues to open own restaurants like this new restaurant Nico’s Pizza from Paris Bastille.

This Parisian opening will allow “to show our products and give more visibility to our brand”, explains the founder. It should also serve as a bridgehead for the development of the network in the Paris region, even if Nico Palea indicates that this is not an end in itself.

“The most important thing is the product”

It recalls the strengths of the La Pizza de Nico concept to stand out on the pizza market. “The most important thing is the product, he repeats. Our pizzas are made withgreat productswith well-chosen ingredients. […] We don’t work only fresh produce. There are no frozen products with us. We prepare the dough every day in our points of sale, with multi-grain flour and organic olive oil; the tomato sauce with tomatoes picked at maturity, in July August in Italy, and without additives, without coloring, without preservatives. »

In addition to the quality of the products, it also highlights the price positioning of the brand: “I think today we have best possible value for money. » Finally, he concludes with the atmosphere that reigns within the restaurants La Pizza de Nico and the speed of service because La Pizza de Nico remains above all a fast food brand. “That’s the promise we’ve always made, he indicates. Never more than 15 minutes between placing the order and when the pizza is served at the table. »

See the video interview of Nico Palea, founder of La Pizza de Nico:

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