Pizzas from youtuber Mister V on sale at…

After the CDs of Squeezie at Lidl, it’s the turn of the youtuber Mister V to make his debut in mass distribution. The comedian with 5 million subscribers revealed on Youtube the launch of his own range of pizza, “Delamama pizza”, and its sale in the frozen departments of Carrefour and Auchan.

Well-crafted communication

It is through a video of almost 7 minutes, featuring the success story of Kevino Delamama, considered a successful entrepreneur, “the Tiger Woods of pizza” itself, that the products are presented.

On one side we find the “Six Fromagio”, made with edam, mozzarella, cheddar, uncooked pressed cheese ‘Balycashel’, pecorino and blue cheese. On the other side, there is the “Royale Pouleto”, composed of roasted chicken breast, button mushrooms, mozzarella, edam, red cheddar and cheddar. These pizzas of around 480g are made in Germany and sold for 3.95 euros.

Distributor but not partner

Collaborations between influencers and consumer goods are more and more frequent. Carrefour called on gamer Teeqzy in July 2021 to communicate on its Fortnite MAP around eating better. The distributor also organized a live shopping event last November with five star influencers, including the Tiktokeur Julien Cocktail. However, in the context of Mister V’s pizzas, this is not the case. “We have not entered into a partnership, we only distribute these products, available in our hypermarkets, supermarkets, in convenience stores as well as on our drive“, specifies the communication department of Carrefour.

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