pizza on demand (or almost!)

Contactless pizza is the French success story embodied by the Adial company. Founded in 2002, it is located in Lisieux with the core business of designing, manufacturing and maintaining automatic pizza vending machines with France Garantie origin certification. Meeting with its commercial director, Ludovic Lorillard.

Can you tell us how Adial was built?

LL: “Adial is 20 years old today. Initially, the automatic pizza distribution market was confidential and therefore a real economic gamble. In 2010, we achieved balance when equipped craftsmen and restaurateurs multiplied the successes with our concept. Then around 2014, the market accelerated with growth of 50% per year and 100% during the Covid years. Let’s say that the market was already growing and that the health crisis only reinforced the needs. Currently, the PIZZADOORs can reach an average of 120 pizzas per day over a whole year, i.e. more than €500,000 incl. tax in turnover! With more than 2,000 distributors produced, we are the world leader, in number of machines and especially in number of pizzas distributed! »

Precisely, what interests does a restaurateur, a craftsman or a baker have to go through you?

LL: “First, he can count on reliable machines, with a long service life and follow-up with our hotline 7 days a week, our maintenance network and our account managers who support and monitor their client in their development.

In addition, our distributors are equipped with a humid cold room for preservation, a high-speed oven, aluminum-free packaging, and various digital management and online sales tools, as well as a system for predicting sales based on AI.

I also insist on quality. The pizzaiolo must prepare his pizzas in advance, ready to reheat, like a caterer. It is the craftsman who controls its quality and its recipes. But he can rely on our network of trainers, suppliers and expert advisors in the business.

In the end, the artisan restaurateur solves the equation between tighter time constraints for the teams, and a request for much longer service from customers.

With our experience, going through Adial is an opportunity to generate additional turnover without taking any risks. It is a buoyant market that corresponds to the current expectations of consumers, who want less and less to wait in restaurants and consume on demand. “.

What are your current projects?

LL: “We supply various networks, in particular Tutti Pizza and Gang of Pizza. The latter celebrates its 200th machine in May 2022! This franchise system currently attracts many candidates for business creation, seduced by our distributor with a model of training, support, marketing and controlled operation in terms of quality and profitability.

This year, we are going to produce around a thousand machines in France, not counting the production at our site in Canada. In 5-6 years, we foresee a French market with a park probably of 10,000 distributors!

We are also in the midst of an innovation process to launch other distributors for paninis, tacos or take-out meals. We also want to address more catering needs in businesses and communities.

Adial is also present at the franchise fair under various brands, but also at catering fairs, in particular the Pizza PARIZZA fair, where we organize the “vending machine” category of the French pizza championship! A way to enhance the quality of pizzas in vending machines! “.


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