Pizza evening for Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron: they were seen in a restaurant in the Var

On vacation at Fort de Brégançon, the presidential couple and their family went to a restaurant on Cavalière beach.

Like every summer since 2017, Emmanuel Macron and his wife spend their holidays at Fort Brégançon – the residence, located in the Var, where the Presidents of the Republic traditionally take their summer break. Wednesday, August 3, after a canoe trip, the President, his wife and his children headed to the establishment Les Sirènes, on the beach of Cavalière, in Le Lavandou.

Emmanuel Macron obviously has his habits there, since he had already been there the previous three years. A choice that pleases Maxence Zizzutto, director of the establishment: “We are not going to hide it, when we run a restaurant, it’s huge to receive the President and his family. It’s quite unique”he said in the columns of Var-matin.

Like the previous times, Emmanuel Macron chose a Regina pizza, ham, mushrooms and cheese. “Brigitte Macron took the same thing. Like what, they even agree on pizzas”laughs Maxence Zizzutto.

After dinner, Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron agreed to pose alongside the restaurant team for a photo shoot. “He took the time. As always, he was warm and smiling. He talked to everyone. A little word for everyone. It was very pleasant.”

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