Pizza Buitoni contaminated with E.coli: “It was when our son was delirious that we started to worry”

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Little Marceau, 4 and a half years old, came close to death. The child, poisoned by E.coli bacteria after eating a contaminated pizza, was finally able to be treated by doctors at Lille hospital. Extremely shocked, her mother testifies to La Dépêche of the days of anguish that the family has spent.

Marceau returned to school just ten days ago with strict recommendations: not to eat salty foods. And, if he hurts himself, do not take anti-inflammatories. “He will never be able to get stung in the arm again either, breathes his mother, still tested by the seven weeks she has just spent. We must keep his veins intact for a transfusion in case he has another kidney problem. .” All that for having eaten a piece of Fraîch’up pizza without knowing that it was contaminated with E. coli bacteria, the weekend of February 12…

Coralie is determined to file a complaint against Buitoni so that all responsibilities are established concerning the ordeal experienced by her family. “And again, it could have been worse,” sighs this 8 and a half month pregnant mother, who remembers her reaction when her partner told her that the doctors did not know if Marceau was going to live or die. “When I arrived at Lille hospital, he greeted me, telling me that the next 72 hours were going to be decisive. That the bacteria was attacking the kidneys but that it could potentially also attack the heart and the brain. J was devastated.”

“My doctor told me not to worry,
that it could last five days”

Like her family doctor on February 18, she nevertheless believed in a simple gastroenteritis when her son had the first symptoms – diarrhea and vomiting. Proof for Coralie that this pizza business must serve as an electric shock to doctors who are not well enough trained in the typical hemolytic and uremic syndrome of which her son was a victim.

“That’s also why I’m testifying. My doctor told me not to worry, that it could last five days. Marceau revived on Saturday evening. He was very pale, very weak. At 15, we told me: ‘If you go to the emergency room for gastro, we will give him sugar in a compote.’ We did it ourselves that evening and again on Sunday lunchtime. He threw up everything. So he went to the emergency room. The doctors felt his stomach. He tends to be constipated. They gave him an enema and let us go without giving him a blood test. The enema gave him back his appetite.”

“Marceau did not vomit that evening. But in the night from Sunday to Monday, he woke up with a much higher voice, continues the mother of the family. Above all, he made completely incoherent remarks. In the morning, he was very weak, he had to be carried. He also had foul breath at 50 cm. My doctor thought of a blood sugar problem. She was good. We went back to the emergency room with Marceau who had mottled skin, yellow eye. This time they gave him a blood test. His hemoglobin and platelets were very low while his creatinine was very high. We were told that he had to be urgently transferred to the hospital in Lille. My husband followed.”

When the health authorities gave the alert on March 18, Coralie still had 2 pizzas from the offending batch in her freezer.

“My world has come crashing down”

“For me, who is pregnant, it was complicated. I had a gynecological consultation. Finally, my partner called me. He was crying. He told me that we had to transfuse our son. I joined him, that’s when he told me that the 48 to 72 hours were going to be decisive. My world fell apart. Marceau was very brave. He fought to pee, which allowed him to to be rehydrated little by little. I couldn’t speak anymore. I didn’t expect that.”

“I learned after that he had had a SHU because of the pizza. If we had waited for the appointment with the attending physician on Tuesday, I don’t know what would have happened. We have come a long way. C It was when our child started to be delirious that we started to worry. We always talk about kidney damage, but there are other symptoms in cases of HUS. It’s the high urea level which confused our son. It’s a red flag.”

Today, Coralie no longer looks at the plates in the normal way when she sits down to eat. Canned products are banned, as are ham and vacuum-packed products. But Marceau has other concerns in mind. In two weeks, he will have two little brothers. Twins. Something to put a smile on the face of the little boy and his parents.

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