Pizza Buitoni: a new complaint implicates the “Bella Napoli” range

After Buitoni’s Fraîch’Up range, questioned in recent months, will the “Bella Napoli” range be added to products contaminated by the E.coli bacterium? A 30-year-old filed a complaint on Wednesday May 4 against Buitoni: she would also have been contaminated with E. coli bacteria and another bacteria after consuming a pizza from the brand, explains BFM TV in an article on Thursday, May 5. It all started on March 27, when Christina ate a Buitoni pizza from this range. That evening, she is the only one to eat it. The symptoms appear two days later, with pain in the lower abdomen, fever and vomiting, explain our colleagues. She ends up in the hospital, on morphine.

The 30-year-old explains that she was contaminated with two bacteria: E.coli and Shigella. The doctors would have asked her if she had not eaten Buitoni pizzas. After reporting it to the Regional Health Agency, Christina’s husband found that the Bella Napoli range was, in recent days, still on sale in supermarkets. A complaint is filed against Buitoni and Nestlé (ownership of the brand), on Wednesday May 4. For the couple’s lawyer, Pierre Debuisson, interviewed by BFM TV, the precautionary principle was not respected.


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Since the end of February, France has experienced a resurgence of cases of kidney failure in children linked to contamination with E. coli. Several of these cases are linked to the consumption of Fraîch’Up pizzas from Buitoni, produced at the Caudry site, the French health authorities had confirmed. At the beginning of April, the prefect of the North had banned the production of pizzas within this factory. The inspections had “highlighted a degraded level of control of food hygiene”.


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