Pineapple pizza wouldn’t be the worst sacrilege

The kitchen italian everyone agrees. Generous, warm and excellent, she brings people together and puts balm heart. And when it comes to gastronomy, the Italians are at attention. It is unthinkable today to revisit their most classic recipes. Strawberry tiramisu? Never. Pineapple pizza? An insult to Italian cuisine. And if we have often thought that the pineapple pizza was the greatest sacrilege for the Italians, it turns out that another culinary habit goes far beyond this recipe. This is an opinion poll conducted by YouGov who brought to light this dish judged unacceptable by the majority of respondents. The survey requisitioned more than a thousand Italians who were presented with eleven culinary habits. They had to determine whether these were acceptable or not.

Habits deemed shameful by the Italians

the ketchup in pasta would therefore constitute the worst culinary crime against Italians. 89% of respondents consider this “recipe” unacceptable compared to 7% who think it acceptable. The differential is therefore 82 points. This is followed by putting the pasta in cold water and waiting for the water to boil with a differential of 71 points. The long awaited pizza with pineapple is in the top 3 with a differential of 63 points. Pasta as an accompaniment, cut your pasta, cream to make a sauce carbonara and cheese with seafood pasta would also be habits very badly perceived by Italians. But that’s not all. Know that if you like to drink a cappuccino at the end of a meal, you make a mistake. Eat garlic bread with your pasta dish? What a crazy idea!

For comparison, YouGov wanted to know what 16 other countries thought. So know that the biggest fans of ketchup pasta are Hong Kongers and Indonesians. Surprisingly, the Germans are more severe than the Italians when it comes to not salting the water in pasta. The good news ? Everyone seems pretty much in agreement about eating pizza for lunch. And in the end, that’s all that matters.

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