Philippe Lacheau in a relationship with Elodie Fontan: he does not forget his famous ex, photos of the reunion

Love takes a different form

As a reminder, Philippe Lacheau and Reem Kherici had met on FunTV and had a short romance in 2004. Subsequently, she was in a relationship with Stéphane Rousseau, a Quebec comedian from whom she has been separated since 2014. Always very close to her exes, she even co-wrote his film D-Day with them. In this film, the two actors play a gay couple about to get married.

I remain a good friend to them. And, without wanting to teach anyone a lesson, there’s really no reason to hate each other when you’ve loved each other for several years. I think I will love them all my life. Even if love takes a different form.” she confided to Gala. Now married to Gilles Lemaire, the beautiful Italian-Tunisian has become the mother of a little boy born in June 2019.

For his part, the creator of the fifi band is in love with Elodie Fontan, with whom he has been in a relationship since 2015. The two actors had met on the set of the film Babysitting 2. They have never left each other since and became the parents of a little boy named Raphaël, born in December 2019.

Interviewed by the magazine Variationthe actress had revealed that she and her darling made it a point of honor to surround themselves with caring people in their professional lives, especially in the filming of their films: “In each film, we have guests, people we appreciate. We are a good team and we like to surround ourselves with cool people with good energy” she confided. A nice compliment for the ex of her companion, Reem Kherici!

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