Patent infringement: Koss and Apple agree at the last minute

A few hours before the opening of the trial to oppose Koss to Apple, the two parties have reached an agreement to extinguish the lawsuit. Two years ago almost to the day, Koss filed a complaint against Apple, to whom the manufacturer of the famous Porta Pro accused the undue exploitation of five of its patents relating to wireless technologies.

Patent infringement: Koss sues Apple

The judge of the Texas court, before which the trial was to be held, validated the agreement between Apple and Koss. The two companies say they have resolved their differences, but as usual in this type of case, the content of the agreement is unknown.

Image: Koss.

The helmet manufacturer had attempted to obtain reasonable royalties from Apple for the use of these patents. Several meetings were held between 2017 and 2020, but nothing came to fruition, prompting Koss to take legal action.


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