Pasta yes, but JuJu Pasta!

If you are a lover of good local products, Les JuJu Pasta are made for you…

Produced by hand in Torpes by Julie Jean-Pierre and Julien Louis, since last March, they only include organic and Franche-Comté cereals. “Our flours are ground on a stone grinder in the Val d’Amour (Jura), which preserves the elements of the grain, explains Julien. We use wheat flour, complete or semi-complete, and spelled flour, rich in protein and low in gluten. »

wild oregano

If the ingredients are from us, the manufacturing process is Italian-inspired: the JuJu use bronze moulds, giving the pasta a rough surface, ideal for retaining the sauce. “We also offer flavored recipes, in collaboration with producers and aromatic herb gatherers, says Julien. In the spring, we produced wild garlic pasta from Haut-Doubs. We are currently preparing recipes with nettles and wild oregano. »

Everybody talks about it

Peckish ? JuJu Pasta are available at many points of sale, including the Tarragnoz organic market. And, if you have a garden, the packaging, without glue or plastic, is compostable.

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