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When you decide to book your tickets for Rome, you know what to expect. A yellow light like nowhere else, ice cream, pasta and pizze to make your head spin, art on every street corner and a weather that will make your friends back in France green with envy. And then the Colosseum, the Trevi fountain, the Pantheon… In short, it was hard to imagine Rome surprising us again. And yet. Overview of a weekend that borders on perfection in the Eternal City, for connoisseurs and newbies alike, whether or not you are able to order your cocktail yourself in Italian.

I arrive in Rome, therefore, after a short 2 hour journey with Transavia. Head to one of the most exclusive new hotels in the Italian capital: the Hoxton, which has just opened and is just as stylish as its French counterpart. Gifts are waiting for me in my room – it’s hard to be better received – and I quickly set my sights on the avocado toast served for breakfast at Cugino, on the ground floor of the hotel but served in bed (the idleness, it’s Italian, isn’t it?). With its 192 rooms straight out of the Grande Bellezza, its restaurant with velvet banquettes, his bed in which I sink and its little touches that make the difference, the Hoxton quickly steals my heart and every minute I spend there makes me fall a little more in love with it. But no time to lose and so many things to taste, my stomach has been preparing for this culinary orgy for weeks, I immediately go to Marziali 1922 close to the hotel for their famous garnished focaccia. A few more minutes of walking and here I am in the Villa Borghese park for a sunny lunch. I’m a player, a boat catches my eye and off we go for 40 minutes, alternating between rowing and napping on board with a view of the temple that sits in the center of the lake and the ducks passing by to greet me.

Italian romance

The afternoon will be dedicated to the discovery of the city, and there is to see. The city being an open-air museum, the most practical first approach is to take a Vespa ride with my personal driver-guide who knows Rome like the back of his hand. From the Baths of Caracalla to the mythical Via Appia via the view from the terrace of the Janiculum, one of the highest points in Rome, I am amazed for 3 hours, I stop to snack as soon as possible on a cannolo and I finish in Trastevere with its sublime squares, its ultra-canonical churches and its mojito as I like them. At dinnertime, I go to Rimessa Roscioli, one of the best wine bars in town, and I jostle for a crazy hidden cellar where, surrounded by the best nat’ wines in the country, I plunges my fork into the pasta dish I had so dreamed of (to accompany the most famous Chianti). Then back to the casa where the Cugino is waiting for me for a last drink: with its large counter and its marble tables, we couldn’t find a better place for an Italian coffee or for a cocktail with its date at the end of the evening.

Another day in the citta eterna and, after a morning basking in the cotton cloud that serves as my bed, head to Le Serre by Vivi for its fabulous brunch served under the green greenhouse – nothing better than these roasted porcini mushrooms and this pistachio latte to ease the Sunday hangover. The rest of the day is spent on foot, between the traditional coin toss in the Trevi fountain, the thrift shops where to unearth marvels and the Colosseum at sunset, and ends with a crazy dinner at the Balestra, in two steps from the Hoxton, a small address in its own right run by Italian dads and moms and whose pasta will haunt my nights for a long time. Before returning to France, the most adventurous will push on at night to the Sanctuary, the club “like in Tulum” (don’t be frightened by the entrance queue, it’s worth it), the others will have a little project. private in the basement of the hotel in front of a classic movie – I decide to stick to the theme, I could have left on Roman Holidays Where The good lifeit will be Lizzie McGuire. We know his classics or we don’t know them.

Two-three addresses for the weekend of your dreams:

The Hoxton + Cugino + Beverly — Largo Benedetto Marcello, 220

Rimessa Roscioli — Via del Conservatorio, 58

Marziali 1922 — Via Po, 80

La Balestra — Via Simeto, 2/F

Sooteroma for the most stylish of guided tours, by Vespa please

Le Serre by Vivi — Via Decio Filipponi, 1

In the spring and this summer, Transavia is extending its route to Rome. The company offers up to 6 flights per week between Paris-Orly and the Italian capital, from €34 including tax one way.

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