Pasta & Fumo: the best of both worlds under one roof

THE GOOD NEWS. Two culinary companies from two different worlds have chosen to join forces to open Pasta & Fumo, a restaurant and grocery-style boutique that welcomed its first customers in early July.

Le Fumoir Smokehouse Urbain and Naturellement Pasta have chosen to set up shop along Route 141 in the former premises occupied by Ohlavie, a neighbor of Chocolaterie Vanden Eynden.

There is a small restaurant on site with dishes that combine the know-how of the two companies, namely smoked products and handmade pasta. “We offer food that is different from what is done elsewhere. It’s a mix between Italian and American cuisine. It may seem strange as a combination, but the result is really surprising. With our business experience, we know what we do and we know what people like, so it gives a result that is worth the detour!” assures co-owner Charles Bélanger Bertrand.

For the moment, the kitchen is open for lunch only, but the owners’ goal is to eventually offer a formula for dinner. One thing is certain, we are far from an atmosphere worthy of a gourmet table, with the exception of the flavors that abound in the dishes served there. “People arrive, choose a beer, order their food and we serve them as soon as it’s ready. It’s a fairly quick take-out, so great for dinner parties. It is possible to eat inside or on our terrace, which offers an incredible view of Mont-Orford.


Having made its debut in North Hatley by operating a restaurant for a few years, Le Fumoir Smokehouse Urbain had been located in the former Food Valorization Center (CVA) for about two years. It was there that they met Massimo Conti from Naturellement Pasta and that the project of a collaboration was born. “The game plan changed when there was the explosion at the CVA last March. On our side, we were very lucky since we had already moved our equipment to Magog. Besides, if we had arrived ten minutes earlier as planned, we would have been inside when it happened like Massimo, who lost everything in the fire. So we made room for him to continue his production.”


Even if the address is officially in Magogois soil, Pasta & Fumo is located in Orford in the minds of many because of its location, on the border between the two municipalities. When they saw this vacant location, the partners jumped at the business opportunity. “We are really happy with our location. We will be able to promote both Magog and Orford in our own way. And close to us, in the village of Cherry River, things are moving quite a bit and it’s just motivating to take part in all this excitement,” concludes Charles Bélanger Bertrand.

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