Pasta chips, top or flop? Le 8-9 is testing this novelty that is buzzing on social networks

Unable to miss the trend, Leslie in the kitchen decided to give the 8/9 team a taste of rigatoni pasta chips with smoked paprika and parmesan. And the least we can say is that the reactions are unanimous: “Don’t repeat this at home“, “inedible“, “not very good“…

For Livia Dushkoff, of Italian origin, the taste is not bad but it reminds her of the uncooked pasta that she stole from the bag when she was little when her mother cooked. “If someone has less teeth than me, they can’t eat this because I hurt my teeth” she said amused, before saying to herself “reassured that it was an American who invented it and not an Italian“.

It will remain a buzz on the networks“Concludes Leslie accustomed to delight the taste buds of the team.

If, however, you want to get started, here are two pasta chip recipes to try at home… at your own risk.

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