Pasta chips, the new trendy food straight from TikTok

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A new savory snack to try as soon as possible.

TikTok has become the social network where new culinary trends emerge. The latest? Pasta chips. If pasta is generally eaten boiled as a dish or as an appetizer as the Italians like to do, here it is available in a crispy version for an aperitif.

It was Yumna Jawad, an American blogger, who had this very original idea. Known for her healthy recipes, on June 30 she unveiled her latest find on her Instagram page. feelgoodfoodie, pasta-based crisps. Immediate success is there, and hundreds of Internet users try this new recipe and share the result on video on TikTok. A savory snack much less fatty than traditional crisps and easily made.

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To do this, just choose the variety of pasta you prefer. Cook them normally in boiling water, once they are al dente, place them in a dish with a little olive oil, parmesan and the spices of your choice (salt and rosemary by example). You can then cook your pasta in the oven, or in the airfryer if you have one. Check the cooking regularly, a few minutes are generally enough, the goal is to obtain very crunchy chips. Serve with the sauce of your choice; garlic cheese, spicy tomato sauce, it’s up to you to multiply the combinations.

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