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In these pandemic times, nothing beats cooking to warm up the mood.

They are the new national heroes. Doctors, nurses, caregivers, paramedics, who are beginning to face the wave of contamination in perilous conditions, but also cashiers, delivery people, truck drivers, electricians, garbage collectors, postal workers, drivers public transport, which, at the risk of their health and that of their loved ones, continue to supply homes and provide minimum services.

Every evening at 8 p.m., while the meals simmer, they are applauded from the windows and balconies of France and Navarre – let’s hope that the collective memory is not too short. In recent days, restaurateurs, pizzerias, bakers or caterers have also donated tasty dishes to hospitals, firefighters or gendarmes.

The Ecotable community, which brings together chefs committed to the field of sustainable catering and local supply, has launched an appeal for donations to finance 500 “healthy and tasty meals, in order to restore [les] body and [les] strengths” caregivers, while allowing “producers to continue to feed us the fruit of their labor”.

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To all those brave, we offer this recipe for pasta al limone – or pasta with lemon, but it sounds better in Italian – comforting and energizing. Quick to prepare, with few ingredients, this pasta is suitable for most diets. Carnivores can add chicken or turkey fillet, and vegetable lovers can add some fresh spinach quickly sautéed in the pan with butter and/or cream. Fillet of salmon or trout also goes well with lemon pasta.

The Independent Italian Food Instagram account gives the following proportions for 4 to 6 people (but you can completely adjust according to your taste and appetite): cook 500 grams of spaghetti, reserve a glass of cooking water and drain. Mix a small glass (10-12 cl) of olive oil, a glass of grated or powdered parmesan, the juice of three lemons, the zest of one of the lemons and black pepper. Add the pasta and a little cooking water to make the sauce “creamy” (thanks to the pasta starch that remains in the water). Adjust with lemon, salt and pepper.

A variation is to add minced garlic and parsley at the end, gremolata style, which can be topped with minced red onion and lemon zest. You can also add cream. Or crushed hazelnuts. Or use candied lemons. In short, you do what you want, as long as it makes you happy. And above all, thank you.


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