Who really invented pasta?

Italy, the leading consumer and producer of pasta Six out of ten Italians eat it every day, and with 23 kilos consumed per person per year, unsurprisingly, Italy is the biggest consumer of pasta in Europe, according to a study conducted in September 2020 by Doxa. Faced with rising global demand, production reached record levels. … Read more

Pizza loses first place among meals delivered to homes

Home meal delivery in the first quarter of 2022 increased by 35%. Despite the complete and unrestricted reopening of restaurants, the French continue to be fully delivered. Meal delivery represents the equivalent of 318 million restaurant visits in 2021 The pandemic had favored the development of meal delivery, but the phenomenon continues. Between 2020 and … Read more

Apple bought gold from illegal mines in Brazil

It appears that Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon have purchased gold illegally mined in Brazil for their products. The Brazilian local newspaper Reporter Brasil revealed on Monday that these four big tech companies used illegal gold from Brazilian indigenous lands located in the Amazon rainforest. This gold was mainly for smartphones and computers from Apple … Read more

Buitoni pizza scandal: “A miracle”, Léna, 12, came out of a coma but suffers from “mental deficiencies”

Victim of severe food poisoning after eating a Buitoni pizza, Léna, 12, was in a vegetative state last spring. Her parents gave news of their daughter to our colleagues at RMC. “It’s a miracle for us.” Two children died and 55 in total were affected by haemolytic uraemic syndrome, after consuming Buitoni brand pizzas. Among … Read more

“Bold Theory” That T. rex Was 3 Species Rebutted – “Tyrannosaurus rex Remains the One True King of the Dinosaurs”

As part of the Museum’s temporary exhibition T. rex: The Ultimate Predator, which was on view from 2019-2021, visitors encountered a massive life-sized model of T. rex with patches of feathers—the most scientifically accurate representation of T. rex to date. Credit: D. Finnin/ ©AMNH Paleontologists find insufficient evidence that the iconic Tyrannosaurus rex should be … Read more

Apple and other GAFAM bought gold from illegal miners in Brazil

According to media outlet Repórter Brasil, Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon bought gold from illegal miners in Brazil. This concerned smartphones and computers for Apple and Microsoft, and servers for Amazon and Google. Gold of dubious origin for GAFAM Natural resources such as gold and copper are fundamental in the manufacturing process of electronic products. … Read more