Overnight oats, feta pasta, pickled garlic… these surprising and delicious recipes are creating buzz on the networks

TikTok is the social network that sets trends. A recent study revealed the most popular recipes. And surprise, in the top 10, we find neither pizza, nor burger, nor even chocolate cake…

Alert in the food sphere! After the Deliveroo ranking, which revealed the most ordered dish for delivery, and the HelloFresh study revealing the favorite dishes of the French, it’s the turn of Beanies of lead the investigation. For it, the british brand of coffee collected a whole bunch of data: TikTok views, hashtags on Instagram, search volume on Google for the last 12 months… Mix all that in a shaker and presto, you get a ranking of the most viral food trends of the moment. Hot in front!

Oats, cake and coffee… the recipe for success on TikTok and Instagram

So who tops this list? Pizza, burgers, sushi? Nay! against all odds, it’s the oats that are driving the Web crazy! The “overnight oats” (which will be translated as “morning after porridge” in French) accumulates the most wow figures: 642 million views on TikTok and almost a million hashtags on Instagram. A real success for this healthy breakfast made with oatmeal, vegetable milk and fresh fruit, which is prepared the night before, just to gain (precious) minutes of sleep! In second place in this ranking, oats, again, but this time in cake version (the English call it the “baked oats”), with 1 billion views on TikTok and 269,000 hashtags on Instagram.

On the third step of the podium, we find the “ice cream cake”, a cake made with liquid cream, sugar… and ice cream. In short, only good things! He is followed by whipped coffeealso called Dalgona coffee, a highly instagrammable drink prepared with soluble coffee, sugar and vegetable milk.

Tacos, pasta, bread… the most popular savory recipes

In 5th position of the Beanies ranking are Birria tacosthese Mexican tortillas filled with tender meat and a mixture of spices and hot pepper stew. Behind them, pasta… But not just any : those of Gigi Hadid please! The top had indeed created the buzz with his spicy vodka sauce. In 7th position, we find cloud bread : this “cloud bread” that looks like a burger bun has indeed won over many gourmets because it is prepared without flour and is low in calories. He is followed by “feta pasta”the new fad of students preparing pasta with roasted feta and a few cherry tomatoes. Finally, in 9th position, we find “picked garlic” (canned marinated garlic): a return to homemade that feels good!

And the recipe that closes this ranking is none other thana well-being drink: chlorophyll water, known to promote digestion and weight loss. A trend that would surely validate Victoria Beckham, a fan of special flat stomach drinks!

Top 10 trending recipes on TikTok and Instagram (Beanies study):

  1. Overnight oats
  2. Baked oats
  3. Ice cream cake
  4. Whipped coffee or Dalgona coffee
  5. Birria tacos (Mexican tortillas)
  6. Gigi Hadid pasta (pasta with spicy vodka sauce)
  7. Cloud bread (low-calorie, flourless bread)
  8. Feta pasta (pasta with roasted feta and cherry tomatoes)
  9. Pickled garlic (canned marinated garlic)
  10. Chlorophyll water (chlorophyll detox water)

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