Our new pasta series will get you back on track

2022 rhymes with… egg pasta, but not only. They can also be dry, pasta, filled, with pesto, tomato, carbonara, Chinese or seafood… No matter, we love it and 20 minutes promises to punctuate your year by offering you a practical tutorial or a recipe, every Friday at the end of the morning.

So, um… yes, January 1 falls on a Saturday. But it’s a special day: returning from the party late at night, this morning we have a hangover. But soon it will be better, especially after having swallowed the pasta with homemade Basque ketchup that Julien Duboué was already concocting for 20 minutes last year, around the same time. This is the ‘upgraded’ version of a dish the chef at Le Boulom (in Paris) used to make himself when he was younger, ‘after going out late’ with his buddies. Details can be found in Cookedan excellent “book of easy recipes to get through difficult tomorrows” by Victoire Loup (ed. Human Humans, 19.90 euros).

150g of tomato puree for 200g of pasta

“To start, he explains in our video, I’m going to put a shallot in olive oil and I add a clove of garlic cut into small pieces. I’m going to put some Espelette pepper and a nice pinch of salt in there. I sweat for a good ten minutes over low heat. I add a big spoonful of honey on top of that, and I’m going to deglaze it with two spoonfuls of sherry vinegar. Add marinated piquillos (or sweet peppers) and 150g of tomato puree for 200g of pasta. Leave to simmer for a good 12 minutes, enough time to cook the pasta and drain. We then mix the sauce thoroughly the balloons…” All you have to do is serve, you will not only be satiated, but your hair will no longer hurt.

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