One Pot Pasta: 15 perfect recipes for lazy people!

You want a delicious dish, but simple and quick to do ? Do you hate doing the dishes? Are you a fan of ceviche recipes but not at the level of Top Chef candidates?

Look no further, you have everything to become addicted to “One Pot Pasta“, a pasta dish (as the name suggests) prepared in a single container.

What is the principle of the “one pot pasta” recipe?

To make one of these dishes, arm yourself with a large saucepan, a Dutch oven or a pressure cooker.

The important thing? That you can put many ingredients in it, while being able to stir without it overflowing.

Then, it is above all a question of being creative!

Gather all your raw ingredients, place them in your container and add the right amount of water.

And that’s the secret: the pasta, added raw with the ingredients and the sauce, absorbs the liquid while cooking, leaving only a creamy sauce.

Neither too much water (otherwise the taste is diluted), nor too little (otherwise it burns) and over low heat, the whole simmers and reveals all its flavors…

With chicken, vegetables or light: what are the best one pot pastas?

How to make a easy one pot pasta recipe ? Can I cook whatever I want?

The answer to these questions is a resounding YES. What makes the one pot pasta so simple and not a headache.

For those who appreciate animal proteins, chicken, beef and salmon are particularly well suited.

Let yourself be carried away by your creativity!

For veggie cheese aficionados: mozzarella, fromage frais and parmesan also work well. Then, let yourself be carried away by your creativity.

Vegetables from the sun such as peppers, zucchini and tomatoes are delicious. Spinach (full of good vitamins because cooked at low temperature) adds a touch of originality.

For those looking to make a original one pot pasta, remember to vary the types of pasta! Rice noodles, coral lentil noodles, flavored noodles… With the one pot pasta, “nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed!”

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