News | Marseille: “Paris, we enc …”, an artistic provocation invites itself in image on the Corniche

Paris, Paris, we enc…“, who has never heard this leitmotif of supporting? If they couldn’t hear it, the day before yesterday, many tourists were able to read it thanks to Rachel Akoun’s photograph, deployed on the Corniche. This place, emblematic of the city of Marseille, was not chosen at random. Neither was the image: it represents a supporter from behind, with the famous phrase signed Supramare Art. Named after a Marseilles artistic label created in early 2022 by the PQMV association (Pour Que Marseille vive) in order to promote many Mediterranean artists. The self-taught photographer behind the photo explains that it “Clasico date in October 2021“, and was chosen by Supramare Art for this performance. An art installation followed “several hundred people who went to see it on the label’s instagram account“and whose scope”was very well perceived, we received messages of support“, welcomes Gabriel Calvet, director of PQMV. Specifying that the performance was intended to be positive and intended to promote Marseille art: “We believe that Paris can no longer maintain control over the main artistic structures“. However, the objective of the association is not to be in opposition to the capital, despite this intentionally provocative sentence. And Gabriel Calvet to insist: “It’s a joke that’s violent, but it’s not a middle finger, it’s an outstretched hand ” The challenge? Simply to promote Marseille art while being in “a greater connection with the public.”

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