Nathalie Andreani pregnant at 50? The former reality TV star sows doubt

Revealed in 2014 in Secret Story, Nathalie Andreani caused a sensation by subsequently participating in numerous reality TV shows. We had seen it in particular in the seventh season of Angels and The Villa of Broken Hearts 2. This pretty brunette who had also made a name for herself for the couple she formed with Vivian had subsequently converted to a completely different business. She has indeed decided to monetize naked photos that she posts on specialized platforms. Enough to provide him with a more than sufficient source of income. One could even say that it had allowed her to earn more than she had received during all the television shows in which she had appeared.

Did Nathalie from Secret Story just announce her pregnancy?

It is without the slightest detour that Nathalie Andreani had thus confided in the subject of her immense fortune. Revelations that had not failed to astonish Jeremstar. For good reason, the amount she had put forward as she had done in Seven to Eight was simply amazing. Know that Vivian’s ex is currently touching around €150,000 per month thanks to the MYM platform. A nice reward for his hard work which had enabled him to become a millionaire. Particularly proud of her career, Nathalie Andreani thus declared that she had absolutely no reason to complain about what could happen next since she was earning a good living.

The 50 minutes of this interview granted by Nathalie Andreani and Gabano Manenc allowed us to understand how their business works. A particularly profitable affair which does not however change anything in their projects. It is clear that the two lovebirds once again want to start their first child. The young man had, moreover, somewhat betrayed himself by declaring that the pretty brunette could very well be pregnant. Of course, this reflection remains to be taken with enormous tweezers. This, even if you consider the fact that this former emblematic figure of Secret Story has stopped taking birth control pills.

Nathalie Andreani in a relationship with Gabano may be pregnant

Nathalie Andreani has always been very discreet when it came to her private life. This had not prevented him from delivering some details concerning the couple that she forms with Gabano Manenc. She had thus not hidden her point of view in relation to the fact that her life concerned only her and her darling. If tomorrow they wanted a child, no one would say anything. Which would be enough to prove that she would be pregnant ? We don’t know yet, but we will certainly find out soon. Especially when you know the speed at which news travels on social networks.

Jeremstar was able to hit the mark by offering to interview this former star of French reality TV. It is indeed out that Nathalie Endreani could already be pregnant. Only, if it happens at 50, things may change in his life. So many changes that she will have to face when she is more famous than ever on social networks. That’s why we think she will waste no time in preventing this from happening. This, despite the intensity of the flame that exists between the two lovebirds.

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