Nathalie Andreani in a relationship with a reality TV candidate and pregnant? Surprise revelations

On July 24, 2022, Jeremstar released a new interview on his YouTube channel. The opportunity to find Nathalie Andreani. The charming 51-year-old brunette, revealed in 2014 in Secret Story, returned to her lucrative business. And she revealed that she was in a relationship with a famous reality TV contestant.

Gabano Manenc, revealed in 2015 in The Princes of Love, and Nathalie met during the Miss Aesthetics contest last February. The current immediately passed between them, so they saw each other again. And they made the decision to work together by offering charming photos on the platforms created by Vivian’s former companion. They also grew physically closer on a personal level. Both are indeed a couple (five months at the time of filming) and they are convinced, it is an idyll that will last. It doesn’t matter what people say about their twelve-year age difference.

We have feelings for each other, clearly“, confided Gabano. Nathalie Andreani then revealed that she had been single for seven years, even if she had “little short stories“His exes never accepted his professional situation and always asked him to stop.”With Gabano we look alike. We live the same things, we understand the same things and it is very important“, she said. For his part, the beautiful brown had three love stories at the same time “for years“.”Two knew about it, the other didn’t. It is complicated. I had a hard time moving on. A breakup with three women is complicated. Nathalie arrived at the right time. She saved me“, he said. A “mistake of the past that he does not intend to reproduce. Nathalie therefore sleeps soundly.

But their nights could well be disrupted in the months to come. Nathalie and Gabano did not hide that they planned to have a child together. “It can go very quickly, especially with me. Guess she might be pregnant. She needs to take a pregnancy test“, revealed the young man in front of his partner who did not wish to approach this subject.My breasts hurt, but I’m not going to tell you everything anyway. I no longer have any means of contraception and I am an additional layer“, she finally let go. If she is indeed pregnant, she will wait the three months to reveal the information. To be continued.

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